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College of Music and Media Applicants

The College of Music and Media is home to over 20 unique majors and degree programs within the arts, advertising, and entertainment industries. Explore the College of Music and Media website to choose which program is best for you!    

How to Apply

In order to satisfy the major-specific requirements for admission to the College of Music and Media, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete an application to Loyola New Orleans using the Common Application or the Loyola Application.

  2. Log in to your Admissions Portal. Students will submit program requirements directly to the portal. 

  3. Receive one Loyola admission decision from the university to the degree program you have chosen.

Graduate Applicants:  Masters of Music Performance and Masters of Music Therapy applicants must complete an audition per the repertoire requirements for your voice type or primary instrument listed below, and also fill out our Graduate Programs Application.

Audition & Interview Options

  • On Campus Audition / Interview Dates

    • Saturday - December 2, 2023

    • Saturday - January 27, 2024

    • Saturday - February 24, 2024

    • You can register for your audition/interview through your Loyola Application Portal. You receive access to this portal 24 hours after submitting an application. 

  • Zoom Audition / Interview Dates (exclusively for applicants to Music Education, Music Therapy, Pop and Commercial Music, Hip Hop & R&B and the BA and BS in Music Industry Studies)

    • Saturday - December 9, 2023

    • Saturday - February 3, 2024

    • Saturday - March 9, 2024

    • Saturday - April 6, 2024

Though an in person audition is preferred, applicants who are unable to travel to campus for an in person audition or interview, may be allowed to do a virtual audition. 

Application Deadlines

Program Requirements

Audition Required:

  • Jazz Studies (BM)
  • Music (BA)
  • Music Performance (Instrumental/Vocal) (BM)
  • Music Composition (BM)
  • Music w/ Elective Studies (BM)
  • Popular and Commercial Music (BS)


  • Theatre Arts (BA)
  • Theatre Arts w/Minor in Business Administration (BA)
  • Musical Theatre (BA)


Audition & Interview Required:

  • Music Education (BME)
  • Music Therapy (BMT)
  • Music Industry Studies - Performance (BM)

Applicants for the above majors will need to perform their audition with their primary instrument. Please see the audition requirements for each instrument. 


Interview Required:

  • Hip Hop and R&B (BS)
  • Music Industry Studies (BA)
  • Music Industry Studies - Business (BS)



Portfolio (optional):

  • Digital Filmmaking (BFA)


Portfolio (optional):

  • Bachelor of Design (BD)
  • Interactive Design (BD)


No Portfolio Requirement:

  • Mass Communication, Journalism (BA)
  • Mass Communication, Strategic Communications (BA)
  • Mass Communication, Visual Communications (BA)

Transfer Applicants

Transfer students that are interested in applying to the College of Music and Media will have application and audition deadlines according to their prospective major. Please contact the Office of Admissions at admit@515593.com for your specific deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • November 15 - Early Action Deadline

    • CMM students who wish to be given priority for admission decisions and financial aid packaging must complete the entire application (University and Major-specific requirements) by November 15. If you have any questions, please contact your admissions counselor.

  • March 1, 2024 - Director’s Award Application/Audition Deadline

    • Students applying to a Traditional Music Degree who wish to audition for a full tuition scholarship must apply to the university and complete the audition process on or before March 1, 2024.


March 15, 2024 is the deadline to complete the CMM application process.

All CMM applicants are encouraged to attend one of our on-campus audition/interview events to meet faculty, tour the facilities, and have an in person experience. However, the faculty will evaluate video auditions and phone interviews with equal consideration

Once you submit your application, complete your audition, or interview, or portfolio, and turn in all high school materials, you will receive one Loyola admissions decision from the university and to your degree program. Depending on your degree program, most students can expect to receive a decision within two weeks of completing the application process.

Loyola New Orleans evaluates all CMM applicants for academic merit as well as musical and artistic achievement. Departmental faculty will review your major-specific application requirements, i.e. audition, portfolio, digital short, etc., and the admissions team will review your academic profile. 

Some students are strong candidates for both academic merit scholarships and talent scholarships. If you are eligible, you will receive the higher award for which you qualify. Loyola New Orleans will not stack talent and merit scholarships. If you are accepted to Loyola and the major you applied for, the decision letter will include a scholarship offer amount. 

All on-campus auditions and interviews are scheduled through the student’s Loyola Application Portal. After the student has submitted an application to Loyola, an email is sent within 24 hours, which includes instructions on how to login and register to your portal.

All supplemental audition/portfolio materials (resume, portfolio, audition videos, resumes, etc.) are submitted via the students Loyola Application Portal. After the student has submitted an application to Loyola, an email is sent within 24 hours, which includes instructions on how to login, and upload files directly to the application. 

Applicants who attend an on-campus audition/interview day will receive a time slot that morning upon check-in

Please email your admissions counselor. You can find out who they are through our admissions map.

Congratulations! You've been accepted to Loyola New Orleans and have qualified for a combined merit/talent scholarship. Your scholarships are included in your decision letter. Be sure to submit a FAFSA application to Loyola New Orleans, so that you will be considered for institutional and federal aid. Without a FAFSA application, the Office of Financial Aid cannot package an award letter.