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Career Development

Discover Calling. Develop Opportunities. Apply Experiences.

We assist students in discovering their strengths and pursuing a plan for applying them beyond the university. And we partner with a wide diversity of employers—through job postings, career fairs, on-campus interviews, and professional development events—to connect Loyola students with internships, part- and full-time jobs, and graduate schools. We encourage every student to make use of our services, early and often, online and in person.

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Are you unsure about your major and where it may take you? Do you have questions about career options? Do you know exactly what you want, but are confused about how to get there?

We have the resources, ideas, and experience to help you discover your paths, practice your skills, communicate your differences, and create strategies for career success. Find out early in your college experience the multitude of ways we can help, and use them often. Get to know us. Investigate our on-line tools. Come to events. And take advantage of all of the ways we can help you get exactly where you want to be.

Majors & Career Exploration

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Graduate and Professional School

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Handshake is our career services platform featuring a job board where employers post positions in an effort to recruit and hire Loyola students. If you are currently enrolled at Loyola, you already have an account. Simply click below and log in using your Loyola credentials.

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Faculty and Staff

We works in tandem with faculty and staff to program for, build relationships with, and inform our students. This integrated approach encourages participation in professional and career development for more students, while supporting the goal of educating the whole person. The following are links to our services and programs.

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Ethics and Other Legal Matters


The Career Development Center has many resources we offer to alumni.

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We appreciate your interest in Loyola students.

The Career Development Center is your partner when it comes to connecting with students about part-time jobs, full-time jobs, internships, and graduate school. We facilitate these connections in a number of ways from simple job postings, to career fairs, on-campus interviews, and professional development events.

Find out why recruiting at Loyola makes sense for your organization. It’s about the students and how easy we make your recruiting. The following are links to main sections.

Posting Jobs and Internships

Recruiting On-Campus

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